Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp



Attending a Christian Summer Camp allows our youth to unplug from the world and grow closer to God. Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp is situated on 220 acres of beautiful land in eastern Ohio. The facilities are modern. The amenities include: a swimming pool w/ slide, a lake for fishing & canoeing, a high ropes course, rock climbing wall, 2 miles of walking trails, fire pits, gazebos, a camp store, and much more. For more information on camp or registration visit their website by clicking on the link above.
If you register by April 24 there is a $30 discount, by May 22 a $10 discount.

Upcoming Events

Spring Retreats
March 17 & 18:  "Deeper" - Retreat for 6th-12th grade
April 7 & 8: "Making Memories" - Scrapbooking Retreat
April 21 & 22:  "Living to Conquer" - Retreat for 4th-6th grade
May 5 & 6:  "Friendship Foundation" - Retreat for 1st-3rd grade

Summer Camp Programs 2017
June 17:  "Getting S'more of Jesus!" - Day Camp K-2nd grade
July 7-8:  "Bible Boot Camp: Being Jesus Strong" - 1st & 2nd grade camp
July 5-7:  "Bible Boot Camp: Being Jesus Strong" - Ice Breakers 3rd grade
June 11-16:  "Fantastic Truths and Where to Find Them" - 4th-6th grade camp 1
July 9-14:  "Survivor" - 4th-6th grade camp 2
July 23-28:  "It's Time! Are You Going?" - 4th-6th grade camp 3
June 18-23:  "Refuse to Lose: Basketball, Soccer, or SCUBA (pick one)" - 6th-8th grade sports/elective camp
June 25-30:  "Play Ball" - 6th-8th grade camp
July 9-14:  "FEAR: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise" - 6th-8th grade Expedition Camp
June 11-16:  "In the Beginning" - 9th-12th grade Expedition Camp
June 18-23:  "Rehearsal - Preparing for Eternity"  - 9th-12th grade Creative Arts Camp
July 16-21:  "Level Up" -  9th-12th grade camp
June 25-30:  "Legacy" - 7th-12th grade Wilderness Camp 1
July 16-21:  "Phoenix: Rise Above" - 7th-12th grade Wilderness Camp 2
July 23-28:  "Trailblazers" - 7th-12th grade Wilderness Camp 3

Family Camp: Fun for the whole family!
Labor Day Weekend