North Hills Christian Church will be taking a missions trip to Dundrum, Northern Ireland, June 25-July 2, 2018. And here why we’re going:

The need for the Gospel is great in Northern Ireland. There are staggering statistics about loneliness and suicide in the country that has a long history with the Gospel but little connection to it now. In fact, Ireland and Northern Ireland are the least evangelized English speaking countries in the world. Our partnership with churches and programs will offer support in the pursuit of furthering the Gospel in Northern Ireland, especially to students in that country.

Our students developed a strong passion for the countries of Ireland and Northern Ireland while at CIY: Move in July 2017. Out of that passion was the desire to serve the country of Northern Ireland. We know, from past experience, that taking mission trips influences the lives of participants forever—many of whom go on to participate in full-time mission work and ministry. We understand that our one week in Northern Ireland may not change the landscape of the Gospel there, but we believe that the work we do lays a foundation for ministry to happen well beyond our short stay.

Join us by supporting this work both financially and in prayer. Financial donations can be made by check to NHCC, and special designation to participants attending the trip (team is listed below) can be made in the memo line. These gifts can be mailed in with this SUPPORT CARD (Click Support Card), online at nhcctoday.org, at the offering kiosk or dropped in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. All financial gifts are tax-deductible as NHCC is designated as a 501(c)3 organization.

For more ways to help support this trip, contact Nate Kline (nate@nhcctoday.org).

Northern Ireland Team 2018:

  • Mike Fattibene
  • Sue Fattibene
  • Jeff Herzberg
  • Nate Kline
  • Charlie Knox
  • James Knox
  • Claire Landis
  • Erich Landis
  • Karen Landis
  • Luke Meyer
  • Tony Nicassio
  • Beth Singer
  • Nick Zacharias