June 25, 2017


WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS               Don Swingle

GREETING TIME                                                Congregation


Praise Music                                                        Worship Team


COMMUNION                                                      Erich Landis

(The followers of Jesus Christ are welcome to partake as communion is passed)

OFFERING                                                           Erich

SCRIPTURE READING                                      Erich

Colossians 1:1-14

MESSAGE                                                             Don

Blessed, An Introduction to Colossians”              

Colossians 1:1-14

PRAYER AND BENEDICTION                       Don

(Sharing of Prayer Requests)                                           


9:00-9:45am   Pray with Elders
9:00-9:45am  Adult Bible Study
General Announcements

New Order of Worship:  Summer provides an opportunity to try new things. Last week we kicked-off a new order of worship. Key features: we will conclude our service with the Lord's Prayer. Also Don and our elders will remain at the front of the sanctuary after the service for prayer and the opportunity to respond to the invitation.

NHCC Softball:  Today’s game is at Sangree Field at 1:00pm & 2:45pm, it’s a double-header! . Come on out and cheer on the team! Contact David White or John Werner.

Church Summer Camp: There are programs for all students in K-12th grade. Some programs are even “wilderness” camping! Campers enjoy lively worship, relevant teaching, swimming pool with a water slide, fishing, canoeing, campfires, and much more! Visit www.elkhornvalley.com for more information and registration details. Its not too late to register!

Coming Weeks:

June 25-30   Grades  6-8   “Play Ball—Mainside Camp”

June 25-30   Grades 7-12  “Wilderness– Legacy”

July 5-7        Grade 3        “Bible Boot Camp: Being Jesus Strong”

July 7-8        Grades 1 –2  “Bible Boot Camp: Being Jesus Strong”

July 9-15      Grades 4-6    “Survivor”

July 9-15      Grades 6-8    “Expedition”

July 16-21    Grades 9-12  “Level Up”

July 16-21    Grades 7-12  “Wilderness– Phoenix: Rise Above”

July 23-28    Grades 4-6    “It’s Time! Are you Going?”

July 23-28    Grades 7-12   “Wilderness—Trailblazers”

Operation Christmas Child: The collection items for June is clothing such as t-shirts, flip flops, socks, etc. Please make sure all items can fit inside a shoe box. Contact Ricki Meyer for more information (midnitestone@aol.com)

 Wildwood Highlands:  Today is the NHCC Students annual social event at Wildwood Highlands. All students in grades 6-12 are invited (going into 6th—recent grads). Plan on meeting at the church around 6:00pm, the cost of the event is $10. Contact Nate@nhcctoday.org.

NHCC Students (6th-12th Grade) Dates to Remember:

June 25: Wildwood Highlands, $10

July 24-28:  CIY Move (9th-12th grades)

July 10:  Sandcastle Waterpark, $20

August 15:  Cedar Point, $50

Dec 2-3: Late Fall Retreat @ Elkhorn $65

Contact Nate Kline for more information, nate@nhcctoday.org. Earned Sweetheart Banquet funds are available for any of these activities.